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Zitat von Dr. Reckhaus
Zitat von Dr. Reckhaus

«Our most important active ingredients cannot be produced in the laboratory: The reliability of an owner-managed family enterprise. And the pioneering spirit, which has driven us on since 1956.»

Dr. H.-D. Reckhaus

To remain loyal to oneself without standing still.

Reckhaus is a family enterprise with headquarters in Bielefeld. Founded by Klaus Reckhaus in 1956, we have been specialised in indoor insect control for 60 years. Dr. H.-D. Reckhaus and Arne Kraeft-Reckhaus manage the company in the second generation today, supported by committed and well-trained employees.

Thanks to own research, development and production we offer our customers in the private area a high product quality which is up-to-date. We have own formulations, the effectiveness of which we measure and improve continuously. Our technical infrastructure is oriented to the efficient processing of aerosols, liquids and granulates, however also comprises solutions for special products.

More than 2000 trading partners have relied on our competence for decades. And every day more than 100,000 consumers decide to buy one of our products. This trust obliges us to have a particularly marked responsibility towards humans and the environment.

Since 2012 we actively promote a change of thinking in the biocide branch. Insects are of relevance and are endangered dramatically. Insect control has to be reduced, ecologised and compensated. We rethink, too. In the future we want to save more insects than we kill. For this purpose we work on the societal awareness of insects, develop live catch traps and establish insect-friendly habitats for our company and for other organisations.

Reckhaus is a member of the association of the chemical industry, of the industrial agricultural association as well as the association of German drug companies.


Reckhaus works to the highest industry standards and is IFS certified by TÜV.

Reckhaus has received numerous national and international awards.