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Zitat von Dr. Reckhaus
Zitat von Dr. Reckhaus

«Our most important active ingredients cannot be produced in the laboratory: The reliability of an owner-managed family enterprise. And the pioneering spirit, which has driven us on since 1956.»

Dr. H.-D. Reckhaus

Saving more than killing

For more than 60 years we have specialized in the development and production of insect control products: Products for private use at home such as insect sprays, moth paper or flypaper.

Triggered by the dialogue with the concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin, we have been transforming our business model since 2012. We are taking responsibility for biodiversity and contributing to raising social awareness of the value and endangerment of insects. With Insect Respect, we have created the globally unique quality seal for a new way of dealing with insects and have received numerous national and international awards for this. We have top expertise in insect protection, e.g. in the compensation of control products or in the creation of insect-friendly habitats.


Reckhaus works to the highest industry standards and is IFS certified by TÜV.

Reckhaus has received numerous national and international awards.


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Entdecken Sie den Fruchtfliegen-Retter von Dr. Reckhaus – eine Lebendfalle für Fruchtfliegen inklusive Ratgeber mit Präventionstipps. Wirkt 6 bis 8 Wochen.

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