• Our brand range
  • Our brand range

    Experience at our back, and our eyes on the future: Reckhaus brands, products, and services stand for a new, more conscientious way to approach insects, species diversity, and sustainability. Every day, over 100,000 consumers choose one of our products.

Insect Respect

Changing minds for more insects!

What is the value of an insect? INSECT RESPECT® means taking this question seriously. The seal of quality stands for a new way to deal with insects. The six-legged creatures are beneficial to society, but they are declining rapidly. That is why INSECT RESPECT® promotes products and projects that generate awareness and create areas specially for insects. Thank you for showing respect.


Reduce pest control!

Can we control insects, while helping to save them at the same time? Yes, at GEJO we can. The GEJO brand has made it our mission to create natural habitats for insects and compensate for insect loss caused by products designed for indoor use. In addition, each GEJO product comes with valuable preventative tips to avoid insect infestations at home.

In short: We are a friend to insects, and want you to be one too.

Dr. Reckhaus

Rids you of fruit flies without killing them!

Insect and fruit fly rescuer – Live trap for fruit flies
Insects are essential to our survival. Without them, humans would only survive for a few months. For this reason, we at Dr. Reckhaus are committed to protecting and promoting insects!


Retail brand that makes a difference

Reckhaus and its recozit brand is the world’s first biocide provider that adds INSECT RESPECT warnings to its products. Each packaging contains a warning sentence: “Product kills valuable insects.” The notice is on the front of all products that kill insects.



A wide range of prizes and awards are evidence of Reckhaus’s unique approach and force of innovation. In recent years, Reckhaus has emerged as a sustainability pioneer in the biocide industry on both national and international levels.

Our expertise

Our expertise

Since 1956, we have been developing and producing solutions for private household pest control. We have been working to save insects and promote insect habitats since 2012. We are global leaders in expertise on creating insect-friendly habitats.