• Creating more for society and nature than we destroy.
  • Creating more for society and nature than we destroy.

    Reckhaus is a manufacturer of consumer products for private households. The company has been making biocides for over 65 years, and AirCare for over 20. We understand our company as the best lever we have to generate social awareness, for more empathy and sustainability.

Insectemy – the Academy for insect awareness

Insectemy – the Academy for insect awareness. We train landscape architects to create thousands of insect-friendly habitats. 


We regularly evaluate the business importance of the industries in which we work. We consciously remain in environmentally hazardous business fields such as pest control. We use our position to promote social awareness – with the goal of reducing the overall market.   


Sustainability is a key focus for our company even during the idea phase for a new product. What social function does the product fulfill? Products are developed to have the lowest possible environmental impact, for instance by using recycled materials, environmentally-neutral solvents, by using compostable disposal and by compensating for product usage.


We manufacture most of our products ourselves in a resource-saving, climate-neutral way, and in accordance with IFS standards.


We reduce transportation distances by primarily using local, European sourcing. 


We work together as equals, and maintain constructive partnerships. 


We engage in intensive research in order to dive deeply into our supply chains. We intensively analyze our products and services, along with our entire supply chains, through our own laboratory and through collaboration with third parties. 


We want to generate added value for society by working together. We are an active member of the Alliance for Development and the Climate, Business for nature, Biodiversity in good company, Ethics in Business and B.A.U.M. 

In-house initiative

We founded our own initiative on 9/1/2012, Insect Respect, which already has over 4,000 people in its network and which has reached millions of people through our products and media reports.