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Responsibility for people and environment is near and dear to Reckhaus.

At conferences, with publications or clip films – Reckhaus takes a stand for biodiversity and the protection of insects in various ways.


Climate neutral from 2021

Climate change is a defining task of our time. The consequences of global warming are becoming increasingly noticeable and have a major impact on biodiversity and thus on the balance in ecosystems.

Since it depends to a large extent on the voluntary and consistent action of the economy in the industrialised countries whether it is possible to reduce emissions, Reckhaus GmbH & Co. KG and Reckhaus AG take on responsibility for the world we leave to our children and grandchildren. For this reason, Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG recorded the greenhouse gas emissions caused by Reckhaus. By purchasing a total of 432 climate protection certificates for the year 2021, Reckhaus offset the emissions. The certificates support a forestation and organic cocoa cultivation project in Panama, certified by the Gold Standard and a reforestation project in Peru, certified by the Verified Carbon Standard.

Certificate Reckhaus GmbH & Co. KG: [Download pdf in German]

Certificate Reckhaus AG: [Download pdf in German]

Insect Respect Partner Areas

Insect-friendly habitats enhance areas. The added value includes: Cross linking function with other open spaces (stepping stones), longer lifespan of the roof, rain water retention, shielding of high frequency electromagnetic radiation, improved surrounding climate and cost savings (for example on energy costs, sewage fees, renovation).

Insect Respect offers land owners individual consulting and conceptualisation, maintenance of insects’ paradises and medial support and documentation. RITTER SPORT, Herrmann Kräuter and der ÖKOPROFIT-Klub OWL already installed Insect Respect Partner Areas to do something for insects.

Presentations in the name of insects

The Insect Respect team keeps raising awareness concerning the benefits of insects and the consequences of insect decline in lectures and panel discussions and offers solutions. Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus is a sought-after speaker on topics such as the transformation of economy through art, sustainable management of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and the growing "lobby for insects" (#Insektenlobby).

Overview on selected presentations

The Fly Erika - The first sign against insect decline worldwide

Are insects only annoying or yucky? At a closer look it becomes obvious: They generate a tremendous value for society and are vital. With the green Insect Respect fly "Erika" " you take a stand against insect decline and contribute to more respect towards insects. The fly can be pinned to your clothes and accompanies you wherever you like. The fly Erika can be ordered in the Insect Respect Shop. For every pin Insect Respect invests one Euro in the installation of insect-friendly habitats and by that, also supports societal awareness for the value of insects .

Order the Fly Erika online.

Day of Insects Switzerland 2019

Stopping insect decline together: Over 300 people from research, politics, economy and NGOs were looking for measures against insect decline on the 2nd Day of Insects Switzerland. At the event, organised by BirdLife Switzerland and InsectRespect, the participants discussed in workshops how to best support insects. Nearly all of them concluded that insects have to become more accessible first, for example through seeing or experiencing their beauty and diversity.

Media Release: [Download pdf in German]

Programme: [Download pdf in German]

Information and impressions: Day of Insects

Day of Insects 2019 (Germany)

Economy can and must do something against insect decline – that was the tenor of the 3rd nationwide Day of Insects. InsectRespect and the Museum of National History Berlin gathered 30 speakers, more than 300 participants as well as approximately 1,000 visitors in order to celebrate the Day of Insects (#TagderInsekten). Through numerous presentations the participants gained insight into various subjects. Prof. Dave Goulson said in his keynote: „Without insects not many beings would survive - not even we humans.“

Media Release: [Download pdf in German]

Press review: [Download pdf in German]

Programme: [Download pdf in German]

Multimedial conference documentation: [Download pdf in German]

Information and impressions: Day of Insects

1st Day of Insects Switzerland 2018

On November, 15th 2018 Insect Respect and BirdLife Switzerland held the first Day of Insects in Switzerland in Aarau. Speakers were, among others, Dr. Hans-Rudolf Herren (foundation Biovision, winner of The Right Livelihood Award), Bertrand Piccard (initiator and president of the Solar Impulse Foundation), Werner Müller (BirdLife Switzerland), Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus (Insect Respect), Hans Romang (BAFU), Remo Vetter (author and gardener), Fabienne Thomas (swiss farmers' association) and many more.

Media release: [Download pdf in German]

Press review: [Download pdf in German]

Programme: [Download pdf in German]

Information and impressions: Day of Insects

Day of Insects 2018 (Germany)

After the fruitful conference „The Value of Insects“, which took place in November 2017, numerous people met up in Bielefeld once again on the topic of insects dying. They came together to discuss and connect on the 22nd March 2018. As initiator of Insect Respect and CEO of the company Reckhaus, Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus introduced new cooperations and projects encouraging a different treatment of the six-legged animals.

Media Release: [Download pdf in German]

Multimedial conference documentation: [Download pdf in German]

Information and impressions: Day of Insects

More insect-friendly habitats introduced

In Bielefeld-Sennestadt the Reckhaus GmbH & Co. KG created new insect-friendly habitats on the company grounds with numerous hiding places and food and hibernation opportunities for the six-legged animals. The new areas were inaugurated on the 21st March 2018 with an opening ceremony and guests. On the same occasion Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus opened the Insect Respect library with several standard works on the topic of insects.

Lecture and stand at the BioFach

At the world’s leading biological fair, the „BioFach“, Insect Respect invited the visitors to explore the world from an insect’s point of view (Halle 7-214). The stand "Show respect for insects" was opened with a festive speech. In the course of the trade fair over 1,000 visitors took a pin in form of a fly with them and thus showed awareness of insect decline: the fly Erika. Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus, initiator of Insect Respect, promoted responsible corporate action in his lecture „How companies can stop insects dying – a new way of treating insects and biodiversity“. He drafted the development of new business models: Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus, winner of the Swiss Ethic Award, regularly gives speeches on corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Insect Respect: Invitation to BioFach (PDF)

Media Release: Biocide company presents first sign against insects dying - Novelty at the world's leading organic trade fair "BioFach" 2018 (PDF in German)

Conference about promoting insects and biodiversity

The Conference “promoting insects and biodiversity” is organized by Insect Respect and the Bertelsmann Foundation and will be held on 9th of November 2017 in Bielefeld. The conference language is German. Please check the German information on the INSECT RESPECT® Website for details.


These various publications are about insects value, disease and promoting measures. They aim to increase public awareness to the animals and biodiversity. As an example, three of them are listed here:

Dr. Hans Dietrich Reckhaus (2016): Warum jede Fliege zählt.

A documentation about the value and threat of insects. Gais, Bielefeld: Insect Respect.

Why every fly counts (Warum jede Fliege zählt) – Buy online (in German)

Insect Respect (2017): Promoting Insects.

Tips and measures for people interested in supporting insects.

Download "Promoting Insects" (pdf, German, 4 pages)

Insect Respect (2017): Glossary

More than 100 of the most common terms and catchwords related to insects and insects control. Starting with A like Abundance ending at Z like Zoonosis.

[Get to the Insect Respect Glossary]

Day of Insects 2017

In cooperation with namu e.V. Insect Respect hosted the first „Day of Insects“ on 30th of March 2017.

Experts from science, economy, civil society and media came to Bielefeld for this convention. Here you find videos and summaries.

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation included the „Day of Insects“ as good example of cooperation in its platform for action "Enterprise Biolodiversity 2020" (UBi 2020).

Dedication for culture

The 8th CultureInvest Congress was held on 3rd and 4th November 2016 in Berlin. More than 450 decision-makers from business, culture, politics and media exchanged their ideas in Europe’s most important forum for cultural providers and cultural investors. In the “Culture Lab – dialogue forum for business and culture” Dr. Hans Dietrich Reckhaus told the story of Insect Respect in his speech “Art as stimulus: How concept artists turned the business model of the Reckhaus Group upside down”. His cultural engagement had been highlighted in the Laudation at the European Culture Brand Awards 2015. This year’s panel was moderated by Thomas Helfrich, Head of Cultural Affairs at Bayer (in picture, right, with Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus).

„Why Every Fly Counts“: English translation for the BioFach USA 2016

In the USA, too many biocides are applied and the number of insects is declining: More than 84’600 species are threatened. At the same time, the environmental consciousness, the organic market and the awareness for the value of insects are increasing. These are good reasons for Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus to travel to the USA. In September 2016, he visited the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore. In Germany, this Fair is also known as BioFach USA. On this occasion, the inventor of the quality mark Insect Respect presented the English version of his book “Warum jede Fliege zählt” as a preprint. “Why Every Fly Counts” can be pre-ordered at kommunikation@insect-respect.org.

Documentation: Why every fly counts

Between humans and insects, one can observe an ambivalent relationship: Do we evaluate these animals as rather useful or harmful? Which place do they take in the world and in the diversity of species and ecosystems (biodiversity)? What impact do climate change and the demographic development have: Does the number of insects increase or decrease? The documentation "Why every fly counts" from Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus illuminates the value and threats of insects.

First Swiss Compensation area

On 8th September 2015, the Reckhaus Group opened the first Insect Compensation Area in Switzerland. The prime minister of the Swiss canton Innerrhoden, Roland Inauen, and numerous guests participated in the inauguration. The vegetated flat roof with its 500 square meters is designed as an ideal habitat for insects. It provides different substrata and structures – such as woodpiles and piles of stones – for a large diversity of animals and plants that are rather rare in the region of the Appenzeller Land. Thus, the area facilitates a compensation of the insect loss that is caused by the utilisation of biocide products.

Animated video "Little giants"

Insects make nature more ruggedised. By pollination, they keep the plant kingdom alive. They produce our food and textiles and get rid of our «waste». The animation video "Little giants" by Reckhaus shows in four minutes, why hy insects deserve more respect.

100% Electricity from ecological production

For Reckhaus, active involvement for man and nature goes beyond sustainable product neutrality and ecologically-neutral insect protection. For this reason, as of the 1st of January 2014, the Bielefeld location – where the company has its greatest energy demand – will be supplied entirely with green energy. In so doing, Reckhaus is providing a contribution to the energy turnaround.

Stone by stone: a wall for insects

While installing a gas tank in the ground at the Bielefeld location, Reckhaus once again seized the opportunity to emphasise the corporate commitment of acting in an ecologically friendly manner. Instead of the minimal version of a concrete wall, which has to surround the tank stored within, a gabion wall filled with stones has been erected. Not only is this more attractive: As a living space, it also offers insects the perfect habitat.

CO2-neutral through the year

Every year, the employees of Reckhaus AG in Switzerland drive 210,000 kilometres by car for private and business purposes. In so doing, they emit approximately 60.8 tons of CO2. Their boss decided to give them a respectful gift for Christmas, to compensate this emission for the period of one year. For this purpose, Dr H.-D. Reckhaus had 61 fruit trees planted by organic farmers in the region. By means of this, the CO2 emission can be compensated there where it is caused.

The world's first insect compensation area

Since July 2012 the flat roof of the administration building of Reckhaus GmbH & Co. KG in Bielefeld has been an insect-friendly zone: The first INSECT RESPECT® compensation area. The investment enables extensive planting on 200 square meters, in addition supported by little hills and small structures.

Saving flies

Reckhaus developed together with the lateral thinking concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin the action "Saving flies in Deppendorf". In one day, the residents of the village near Bielefeld (Germany) saved 902 flies. The action served for the preoccupation about the question: What is the value of an insect? The focus was no longer placed on the control, but the affectionate view – sharpened with the means of art – of the world of insects.