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Comments from the media world.

Insect Respect is an unusual, yet when looked at more closely, consistent principle. No wonder, that radio and TV stations have reported about it time and again.

Selected features:

"From fly killer to fly saviour"

Report in the BR programme Abendschau (1/26/2021)

"What goes on in his head? - Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus, by profession: insect killer"

Report in the ARD programme Live nach Neun from minute 44:07 (10/27/2020)

"From killer to rescuer: The transformation of an entrepreneur"

Report by Deutsche Welle (20.10.2020)

To the whole programme (in German): "MADE - Tierschutz? - Der Preis des Fleisches" of the Deutsche Welle, report from minute 20:45

The radical path of Dr. Reckhaus

Podcast on the consequences of an artistic encounter (9/25/2020)

This entrepreneur saws off the branch he is sitting on

Mindshift Podcast of the Handelsblatt (9/25/2020)

"DAS! with insect saver Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus"

Interview in the NDR programme DAS! (19.9.2020)

Lebensmittel-Praxis TV

Interview with Lebensmittel Praxis (17.7.2020)

"Art of the twin brothers Riklin turns everyday life upside down" 

Report in Sternstunde Kunst, SRF (23.2.2020)

RAI italian TV report

Report about Insect Respect in italian TV channel RAI. (2020)
Watch online

"Company Prokopp creates insect-friendly habitat with Insect Respect"

Report in the broadcast konkret, ORF2 (2019)

Interview with Dr. Reckhaus bei Bayern 2

Interview with Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus (Insect Respect) at the radio station Bayern 2. (30.06.2019)
Beitrag starten [mp3]

„brand eins – The Conversation“ with Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus

Jörg Tadeusz asked: How does a family business man come to question the business model taken over from his father? Artists Frank and Patrik Riklin inspired Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus to save insects instead of killing them. In this one-hourly interview from brand eins with Dr. Reckhaus, Jörg Thadeusz explores the story of Insect Respect. Insect Respect has collected sections of the interview. (2018)
Listen to excerpts online (in German)

"Outstanding Commitment" 

Article in WDR Local Time OWL (15.5.2018)

Quarks & Co

Beetles, bumblebees, butterflies: Do insects become extinct? TV emission presented by Ranga Yogeshwar, with a report about Insect Respect (25.7.2017)
Watch whole emission (43 Min.)
Watch segment "Insektenschutz fürs Marketing?" about Insect Respect (5 Min.)

One to One. The Talk.

(German: Eins zu Eins. Der Talk)
Bayern 2 Radio: Norbert Joa in an interview with Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus (8.11.2016)
Start segment (external Link, in German)

brand eins Conference

Video recording of the talk between brand eins editor Jens Bergmann and Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus (26.5.2016)

The man with the flies

Report in the emission Einstein, SRF, Swiss TV (19.05.2016, in German)

The man who controls flies - and saves them

Report in the "SWR-Landesschau" (18.03.2016, in German)

Entrepreneur wants compensation

Radio contribution in SWR 2 Impuls, the science magazine (3.3.2016)
Start segment (MP3, in German)

The insect-friendly insectcontroller

Radio contribution in DRadioWissen, Grünstreifen (2.3.2016)
Start segment (MP3, in German)

Lord of the flies

Extract from the Swiss News RSI (12.10.2015, in German)

Strategy Slam 2015

Video recording of the 1st International Strategy Slam (29.1.2015)

Annoying fly – does she earn more respect?

TV feature on arte science magazine «X:enius» (first broadcast 18.7.2014, in German)

From Saul to Paul

TV feature on 3sat science magazine «nano» (07.04.2014, in German)

Saving flies in Deppendorf

TV feature on WDR program Lokalzeit OWL (01.09.2012, in German)

When the Deppendorf inhabitants catch flies

Radio contribution in SRF (16.12.2014)
Start segment (Link, in German)

The diversity of passion

Panel discussion to the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr, WDR 3 Forum (12.10.2014)
Start segment (MP3, in German)

The fly-saver

Radio reportage in WDR5 (27.12.2012)
Start segment (MP3, in German)

Lord of the flies

Radio reportage in WDR4 (26.4.2012)
Start segment (MP3, in German)

Insect Respect abroad

TV report by RTL Croatia (July 2013)
Start segment (MP4, in Croatian)